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Building of the CN Tower

Written by; Markus MacIntyre / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Tue Sep 15 2009


Building of the CN Tower

This telecommunication tower known as CN Tower is located in downtown Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

The CN Tower is a telecommunication tower that is also open to tourists and visitors like an observation tower. The tower is bigger in height as compared to the Ostankino Tower and is one of the tallest structures on the planet.

The CN Tower is the tallest freestanding structure in the American continent, is a very popular tourist attraction and is visited by millions of tourists every year.

The name CN stands for Canadian National, the construction company for the tower.

The Canadian Railway company, which constructed the tower, transferred its ownership rights to the Canada Lands Company in the year 1995. However, due to the wish of the local residents, the name was retained with a slight modification and the tower is known as Canada's National Tower.

During the year 1995, the CN Tower was declared to be in the list of the wonders of the world. It has the honor of being in the list of the World Federation of Great Towers.

Interesting facts regarding the CN Tower:

The glass-enclosed elevators in the tower, which is useful as observational boxes, was built by Otis.

The tower has all sorts of communication related facilities like UHF, VHF, TV, Fixed Mobile communications, and Microwave facilities.

The tower stands tall at a height of 1,815 feet and 5 inches.

There are two main decks in the tower open to visitors for observational purposes. One of the decks is called as the lower SkyPod at 1,150 ft whereas the other one is the larger SkyPod at 1,465 ft. However, the larger SkyPod has smaller floor area.
  • The tower has a revolving restaurant named as '360', which makes one complete rotation in every 72 minutes.

    The portion of the SkyPod, which is known as the Space Desk is the world's highest observational desk open to the public.

    The Concourse level of the tower has many facilities like Movie theatre, Arcade, and Souvenir shop.

    The elevators in the tower travel at speeds of around 20 ft per second, and reach the SkyPod within a minute.

    Construction of the CN Tower

    The construction work on the tower started in 1973 with large-scale excavations on the ground to provide the right sort of conditions for creating the base of the tower.

    The foundation of the tower was completed with the removal of 56,000 tones of dirt and shale up to a depth of 15 meters in the centre portion of the base. Once this was done, the concrete base was created quickly within four months time.

    The next activity was the construction of the main support pillar for the tower. This was done by using a hydraulically raised slip form that was built from the base. This great piece of engineering work led to the construction of the support pillar of 6 meters on a daily basis. This pillar made of concrete was completed by February 1974.

    The overall amount of concrete used to build the tower was around 40,500 cubic meters. The vertical accuracy of this CN Tower was achieved with the use of massive plum-bobs hanging from the tower.

    Today, millions of tourists enjoy dining in the 360 revolving restaurant over looking the city of Toronto, and many Charity organizations often hold a "Climb the CN Tower" drives.

    If you ever find yourself in the vicinity of the Toronto metropolitan area, the CN Tower is a must see for all!


    Copyright: 2009

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