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Home: Electricity and Electrical: How to Replace an Oven Element

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How to Replace an Oven Element

Written by; Thomas O'Connor / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Fri Sep 25 2009


Replacing a non-functioning oven element isn't something you'll have to do very often, but it is a task most people can do themselves, even if they aren't heavily into the DIY world.

This is one of those things that happens all at once. One day your oven works, and the next day it doesn't. But don't fret, because replacing an oven element is one of the easiest home repairs.

If you take the proper safety precautions, and follow instructions, you can successfully do this.

Tools and Supplies

You'll need the right model replacement oven element, a screwdriver and a nut driver. You can check your local hardware store for the element you need.

If your oven is an older model (because elements do last a long time), you may have to hunt one down on the Internet (just use our search function here at TCCN, you're sure to find a local dealer near you!).

If it's a week before Thanksgiving or Christmas, you'd better pay extra for speedy shipping.

The Single Most Important Step -
Turn off the power to the oven at the breaker box, and then unplug the oven.

Preliminary Step

Identify the oven manufacturer and model number. See if there is a part number on the element. You can also look this up on the Internet.

Once you have what you believe to be the correct element, compare it to the non-functioning one to make sure.

Removing the Old Oven Element

Take out the screws that secure the element to the oven. Now pull the element out from the back wall of the oven. Then take out the screws that hold the wires to the prongs on the element.

If there's enough light, take a phone picture of the way they attach, or remember or write down the way they're attached so you'll know what to do when you put the new element in.

Installing the New Oven Element

Referring to your photo, your drawing, or your memory of how the wires attach to the prongs on the element, attach the wires just as they were before. Then secure the new element to the back of the oven.

Testing it Out

Plug the oven back into the wall outlet, and then turn the circuit breaker to the "ON" position. Go ahead and turn on the oven.

You may see a little smoke or smell something burning, but chances are that's just dust or factory coating on the new element burning off.

As long as you don't see flames and the smoke and smell go away in a few minutes, you're fine.

If you absolutely don't feel comfortable with trying to do this yourself. Please search for a qualified electrician in your area, right here in the TCCN local business directory.

Have a wonderful day!


Copyright: 2009

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