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Cedar Hedges - Providing Privacy and Beauty

Written by; Joy Smithers / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Mon Jul 13 2009


Cedar Hedges

One of the most popular plants in Canadian gardens are cedar hedges. Most particularly found in British Columbia, Cedar hedges are great for either decoration or border hedges. They can protect your property by offering privacy, frame a home, and add a beautiful touch to any garden. Plus, cedar hedges are relatively cheap to purchase, require little maintenance compared to other hedges, and are evergreens that stay vibrant all year round.

There are several reasons to add cedar hedges to your garden. First, of course, is that they are aesthetically pleasing. They also make great privacy screens and can prevent wind by acting as windbreaker walls. Cedar hedges are a great alternative to installing a fence or other property barrier, especially in areas with limited space.

The first step to a gorgeous row of cedar hedges is careful planting. Cedar hedges should be placed on level ground where water will not drain away from the roots. Also, avoid placing cedar hedges in areas of total shade. They need a decent amount of regular sunlight in order to grow.

When planting cedar hedges in a row, the bushes should be spaced 12 to 18 inches apart and placed in a hold approximately one and a half feet deep. It is best to start with smaller cedar hedges roughly 3 or 4 feet in height. To help the bushes grow, refill the hole with some compost in addition to soil. Additionally, cedar hedges should be fertilized with a water soluble formula.

Cedar hedges should be watered weekly and pruned as necessary to retain a clean, structured row. At first, pruning may seem unnecessary as most young cedar hedges are usually quite thin. However, over time they grow thicker and fill the gap between plants to create a solid screening wall. Dense hedges can even discourage intruders and keep animals in, like pets, or out, like wild animals.


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