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Chilliwack Sweet Corn - How Sweet It Is!

Written by; Joy Smithers / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Mon Jul 13 2009


Chilliwack Sweet Corn

In the Chilliwack region of British Columbia, Canada, the major crop of note is sweet corn. Chilliwack is situated on the eastern side of the Fraser Valley and has an economic base that is ultimately supported by a strong agricultural industry. Thus, corn fields are seen widely throughout the region. Some people even call Chilliwack an agricultural Eden.

Chilliwack is known for its excellent growing conditions, which allows it to produce the best quality corn.

In Chilliwack, corn is so popular that there are even drive-thru corn stands. Tourists frequently come to the area to tour farms and experience the great agricultural products of the region. There is even a 14 acre corn maze that is world renowned for its intricacy and popularity. The maze opens each year in August and is met with thousands of visitors.

During the harvest season, fresh sweet corn is picked daily and sold direct within six hours of harvesting. With so much corn to go around, people in Chilliwack have come up with some interesting ways to use the product. Among the most popular recipes is corn on the barbeque. To create the perfect bbq corn, the husks are soaked for half an hour prior to putting on the grill. The corn is then cooked for 25 minutes. The sweet corn can also be boiled for a quicker result. It takes only 5 minutes or so to finish cooking corn this way.

Corn is also frozen throughout Chilliwack to preserve its sweet taste for months to come. First, corn is blanched and drained. Then, it is frozen in special freezer bags. Corn that has been blanched will last for up to a year if it is taken out of the husk, while corn in the husk lasts only two to three months.

If you ever visit Chilliwack, BC, Canada, you will surely find out how sweet it is!


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