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Home: Garden and Landscaping: Greenhouse - Soak Up the Sunshine all Year 'Round

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Greenhouse - Soak Up the Sunshine all Year 'Round

Written by; Chad Simco / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Sun Jun 28 2009



The long, dark, cold Canadian winters take their toll. In the late fall, when the first snows fall and Christmas creeps into the air, the snow excites and dazzles, rekindling our childhood. By February, we curse the slush and mud, we grow weary of early sunsets and late-breaking dawns, and we begin to crave warm spring breezes and gentle summer afternoons. Even the madness of the midnight sun feels like fun from a February vantage. Doctors describe "seasonal affective disorder" as a very real depressive condition: the people need sunlight to maintain their perkiness at its peak.

Rather than a move to the land down-under, a costly winter in Phoenix, or a heavy dose of anti-depressants, may we respectfully suggest a greenhouse?

Yes, a greenhouse - let in the light and brings your favorite flowers, fruits, and vegetables to life all year long. Hardly the extravagance of the idle rich, a greenhouse adds value and beauty to your home, often returning five or six times your initial investment when you sell your house. Let it bluster and blizzard outdoors while you and your African violets soak up the sunshine in the climate-controlled comfort of your greenhouse - keep it hot and humid enough for orchids, add ultra-violet light for quicker growth, or simply incorporate greenhouse features into your home for extra light all year long.

Design your own greenhouse from one of hundreds of plans available online. Or invest in a greenhouse kit available through a home improvement retailer or an online vendor. Some of the newest, most high-tech kits are constructed entirely of PVC plastic, and many use specially treated plastic which maximizes the most beneficial rays and helps maintain a constant greenhouse temperature. We have seen Roots and Shoots Clubs, childrens groups affiliated with the Jane Goodall Foundation, install greenhouse kits at their schools in just one weekend - bare earth to finished building.

Many happy homeowners add greenhouse windows to their kitchens and family rooms - especially on south-facing walls where they collect sunlight most of the day, even on cloudy days. Easy to install in the existing window frame, a greenhouse window strongly resembles a conventional bay window, except that it is made entirely of thermopane glass, so that it holds in heat during the winter and keeps in cool during the summer. Greenhouse windows come fully equipped with sturdy brackets and strong glass shelves in which to spread houseplants. For color and cheer, many Canadians cultivate African violets and geraniums.


Copyright: 2009

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