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How to Plant a Flower Garden

Written by; Joy Smithers / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Tue Aug 25 2009


How many times have you driven or walked past a house where you can tell an accomplished gardener lives? You believe that you can never be that talented when it comes to gardening. Once, that gardener whose garden is so amazing, was exactly like you a novice! Learning how to garden is so enjoyable.

There are many advantages to gardening. First and foremost, it is being studied as a health related benefit. Gardening relieves stress, plain and simple. Everyday life is so hectic. Gardening almost requires you to slow down and "smell the roses". You cannot rush preparation, planting or maintenance without failing in some way.

A gardener spends a lot of time looking at his or her backyard or front yard. They are trying to visualize what will work and look the best in a specific area. Gardeners take note of any plants that are not thriving or are being eaten by rabbits. The mind is cleared of all the stressors and you reconnect with nature.

Another benefits not usually discussed is that gardening is exercise. The bending and digging work the major muscles of the body. If your garden includes vegetables, you have the extra advantage of healthy fresh vegetables that are less costly than store-bought.

Other benefits of gardening focus on the creativity and patience element. Gardening is the ultimate in creativity. A gardener designs which flowers he or she will plant as well as the location of the plants. A gardener evaluates soil type and sun exposure. He or she will read books and look at plant/flower magazines in their spare time. The goal is never the perfect garden; it is the perfect garden for that moment in time. Gardening also teaches a person to be patient. Plants and flowers do not bloom or mature over night. Patience is a virtue we could all use more of.

To begin a flower garden, consider your soil conditions and sun exposure. You need to pick flowers that you like that fit your specific climate conditions. Go to the library and read about garden design and specific flowers. Your first year in gardening is just a baby step. Do not overdo. In fact, this is what you should not be doing. Visit your local nursery and look for flowers; choose short, stocky plants that are showing a few flowers. Do not pick any plants that are wilted or spindly.

The second step is to gently tap the plant out of its pot so that you can plant. The goal is to keep as much of the rootball as you can. Pinch off the flowers so as to encourage new growth later on.

Prepare the soil by adding at least 1" of organic matter. Loosen the soil to a depth of at least 12" for annuals and 18: for perennials. Annuals are flowers that bloom just one year. Perennials are flowers that bloom every year. Plant the flowers. Add mulch of 1" to 3". Add water.

You are now a gardener!


Copyright: 2009

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