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How to Reset Popped Wallboard Fasteners

Written by; Tevin Pennington / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Sun Oct 11 2009


There are several reasons why wallboard fasteners pop. For one thing, they may have been put in improperly. Perhaps the framing lumber was not thoroughly dry when the wallboard was applied. If that's the case, the wood could have shrunk, causing the fasteners to pop out. It's unsightly, but it's pretty easy to fix. You'll want to use actual wallboard screws to fix popped wallboard fasteners because they are designed to hold the wallboard as securely as possible and are more resistant to popping than nails.

Here are the things you'll need:

Screw gun
Wallboard screws
Wallboard compound
Putty knife
Sanding block
150-grit sandpaper

Press the wallboard firmly against its stud or joist, then drive the new screw in about two inches from where the popped fastener is. Make sure the head of the new wallboard screw is slightly countersunk.

For best results, remove the popped fastener. Sometimes this is possible and sometimes it isn't. If you are afraid you'll damage the wallboard by removing the popped fastener, then hammer it back into the wallboard, trying to leave a shallow indentation.

Fill in all the dents from countersunk screws and nails as well as holes where you removed popped nails using wallboard compound and your putty knife. Let it dry for the time recommended in the wallboard compound instructions, then gently sand the surface. Once the surface is sanded smooth, you can repaint the area you patched.


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