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Installing a Window Mounted Evaporative Cooler

Written by; Wayne Green / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Tue Aug 25 2009


Evaporative coolers work well in climates with hot air temperatures, but low humidity.

Here in Canada, they are used most in the western and mountain province of British Columbia, Alberta.

The cost of using an evaporative cooler can be up to 80% less than traditional air conditioning, but sometimes the two methods are used together for extra cooling.

In Canada, evaporative coolers are sometimes called "swamp coolers."

Installing a window mounted evaporative cooler is simple, but requires a fair amount of strength, plus basic tools such as screwdrivers, drills, lumber,and an adjustable wrench.

First mount the support hangers on the outside of the window underneath where the cooler will sit. Make sure you follow manufacturer's instructions for mounting the support structure.

If necessary, build up the outside window sill to support the vent that will go through the window.

Place the cooler in the window so that the vent rests on the support assembly.

Attach the cooler to the brackets as directed in the instructions that came with it.

Tap into your water line and run a water supply line to the cooler.

Install a cutoff valve so that you can drain it in the winter.

Attach a hose to the overflow drain and run the hose along the ground away from the foundation of the house.

Attach the air vent onto the front of the cooler, and plug in the power cord to a grounded 120-volt circuit inside the house.


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