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Mount a Flat Screen TV on a Brick Wall

Written by; Tevin Pennington / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Fri Oct 02 2009


Flat screen TVs are taking over from televisions that have a major "footprint" in a living room. Flat screen TVs can be mounted on a wall, thus eliminating the space they would have taken up on the floor. To mount a flat screen TV on a brick wall, you'll need the following:

1) Electric drill
2) Masonry bit

3) Masonry bolts
4) Level
5) Mounting bracket of sufficient strength to hold your TV

Most flat screen televisions don't come with a mounting bracket, so you'll have to buy one. Check your television user manual to find out how much your TV weighs so you can get a bracket that is strong enough to hold it. To mount your TV on a brick wall, you'll need a wall mount or a universal mount.

One thing you should know if you want to mount a television on a wall over a functional fireplace: if the wall above the fireplace gets hotter than 90 degrees, then you should put your flat screen television somewhere else because the heat will damage it.

So, assuming you have found a brick wall you want to mount your TV to, sit in your favorite chair and from there estimate where you want it to hang. Position the brackets and mark on the wall where the bracket will go.

You can use a level to do this, but there is a slight hazard to it. If the brick wall is not quite level (due to house settling or age) if you hang your TV on the level, it will be slightly crooked compared to the lines formed by the masonry between the bricks. You're probably going to be happier with a television hanging with its top and bottom edges parallel to the masonry than absolutely level and not quite parallel to the masonry.

Using your drill with its masonry bit, mount the television on the wall. Try to minimize touching the screen with your fingers because this can result in pixel burnout. To hide the wires from the television, use a sticky-backed wire mold channel. If you set up wireless speakers and use a radio frequency remote, you can keep your DVR conveniently out of sight.

Now you can enjoy the extra space you got by removing your old TV's footprint from the room!


Copyright: 2009

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