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Sky Crane Helicopter - To the Highest of Heights

Written by; Markus MacIntyre / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Sun Jul 12 2009


Sky Crane Helicopter

The sky crane helicopter is designed to perform certain functions including lifting, lowering and firefighting. For lifting, they are designed with specific limits of weight indicated so that they cannot topple over due to overweight. The right load ensures its stability and since it operates on the sky, it can easily cause damage in case the load it carries falls due to lack of stability or engine failure. However, for safety purposes, their paths must be clear so that the load will not damage anything if it falls due to one reason or the other.

The sky crane helicopter is a favorite in the construction industry because it can be used for many purposes. This kind of helicopter has been used for more than 50 years both in the military and other areas.

The sky crane helicopter comes in various sizes and models but the large ones can carry bigger loads depending on the mass specifications. The helicopters are fitted with pulleys and cables for lifting or lowering loads. Some models of the sky crane helicopters were used during wars to drop bombs from the sky.

There are areas that traditional tower and boom cranes cannot get such as the rough terrains and inaccessible places such as roof tops of tall buildings. This is where the sky crane helicopter comes in handy. Usually, sky crane helicopters are more economical to use in these areas. Mountain communication towers and those for tall buildings are best erected by the sky crane helicopter. The CN Tower in Toronto Canada is one of the buildings that benefited from the services of a sky crane helicopter which was used install the antennae.

Apart from installing, they are also good during the replacement of important equipment in tall buildings. Such equipment includes the transmission towers which would be a bit difficult for a traditional crane to replace. Equipments placed far from the edge of the roof of a tall building will also be removed well with a sky crane helicopter. Larger sky cranes have been used for carrying logs in the lumber industry. Lumber firms dealing with heavy logs use sky crane helicopters to lift them easily and cheaply.

They also come in handy in case of fire emergencies because they can also fight fires. For fires, the sky crane helicopters are best used when there is large water sources close by such as ponds or lakes. These sky crane helicopters normally come with fire attack systems with them which include a tank that can hold a specified amount of water and can be refilled in very few minutes.

For Sky crane helicopters to perform well, they must be specific on the weight they are to lift. Selection is normally on what load is to be carried or what function is to be performed. The stability of the helicopter is also important to prevent cases of toppling. Because the sky crane helicopters are more convenient and have many uses, they are more preferred than traditional cranes.


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