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Home: Plumbing and Drainage: How to Install a Hot Water Dispenser

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How to Install a Hot Water Dispenser

Written by; Fraser Boone / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Sat Oct 10 2009


A hot water dispenser supplies you with 190 degree water on demand, which means making coffee, tea, or soup is much quicker. These devices are miniature electric water heaters that go to a single tap. It connects directly to the cold water supply underneath the sink. In the dispenser is an electric coil that heats the water.

Before installing one, find out if your local building codes require the electrical outlet to which the dispenser is hooked up to have a ground fault circuit interrupter. Often you can connect the dispenser to the same outlet supplying power to the disposal.

Things you'll need:

A hot water dispenser kit
A center punch
A knockout punch tool
An adjustable wrench
A drill
A screwdriver

Assuming you have the proper permissions, the first step is to decide where you want to install it. You need a flat area, such as next to one of the water taps, that is big enough for the dispenser to fit. When you find that spot, mark it with a center punch. A center punch is a tool pointed on one end used to make indents in metal to mark points for drilling.

Drill a hole at that mark.

Through the hole, connect the knockout punch and tighten the bolt with an adjustable wrench. Keep tightening until the hole is cut. Then remove the knockout and put the hot water dispenser spout up through the hole and connect it.

Next, it is time to mount the dispenser bracket. Place it so that the bottom of the dispenser is more than 3 inches above the cabinet floor. Pre-drill holes for the brackets, then attach the bracket to the wall with wood screws. Attach the dispenser to the bracket.

Connect the water supply and install a compression tee valve. If your kit came with a saddle tee valve, you should use a compression tee valve anyway. It's like installing a shutoff valve.

Connect supply tubing from the supply valve to the dispenser. Connect tubing from the dispenser to the spout. Carefully open the valve and check for leaks. Finally, assuming any leaks are taken care of, plug the dispenser into an electrical outlet.


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