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Home: Plumbing and Drainage: Install a Water Wall Fountain

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Install a Water Wall Fountain

Written by; Fraser Boone / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Tue Sep 15 2009


It took a while, but we humans finally figured out that the giant maze of beige and gray cubicles with fluorescent lighting and safety posters on the wall isn't necessarily the best work environment. Sometimes you need to be reminded that there's a whole world outside your cubicle farm. And with more people working from home these days, they want to make those homes peaceful and serene too. The last thing most people who work at home want is a duplicate of the battleship gray, perfectly rectangular, boring office layout.

A wall fountain is a great way to upgrade a home or work environment. Other ideas are fish tanks, art, comfortable furniture, and green plants. But the thing that a wall fountain has over these other ideas is that it creates not only soothing motion, but soothing sound, too. If you want to install one, it will take about an hour, and you should get a helper who's strong enough to help lift the fountain. Here's what to do.

Tools and Supplies

You will need a wall water fountain kit, Phillips head screwdriver, screws, hammer, pencil, level, and anchors. A 2 x 4 is optional.

Preliminary Steps

Read the instructions that came with your wall water fountain kit to see if you need to do some assembly to the unit itself before hanging it up. If so, go ahead and do that. Then decide where you want to place the fountain.

Does it need to be close to an electrical outlet?

This is where your partner can help out by holding it up, or evaluating your choice of location. Remove the fountain from its packaging. Set it on top of a 2 x 4 on the floor such that it looks like the 2 x 4 is the bicycle and the fountain is riding it.

The reason for this is so that you can easily get your (and your partner's) hands underneath the bottom of the fountain when it's time to lift it. You probably already figured out that these things are heavy.

Getting Started

Mark the location on the wall where the top of the fountain will go. Locate the hanging mechanism on the back of the fountain and determine the distance from this to the top of the fountain. Mark the wall to match that distance. Also measure from the top of the fountain to the brackets. Mark these spots on the wall as well.

Gently hammer the anchors into the wall on the spots you marked for the hanging mechanisms. Push them in only up to the thread part. Now, you take the screwdriver and insert the anchors and screws.

With help from your helper, lift the fountain. Rest the hanging brackets on the screws, making sure the brackets seat securely.

A lot of these wall fountains are made of slate, and so they're quite heavy. But once it is in place, it will be a beautiful focal point for any room and will provide the soothing sights and sounds of flowing water.



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