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Tile - Pays for Itself in Durability and Energy Savings

Written by; Chad Simco / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Sun Jun 28 2009


Tile Roof

Definitely a European transplant, tile roofing came to Canada from Europe where skilled stone craft evolved early and has stayed late. Slate roofs remain common on Tudor-style architecture no matter where it springs from the ground. And, discovering that they could create their own slate equivalents from ceramic, sparing themselves the dirt and difficulty of quarrying, clever Canadians adapted their rich prairie clay to suit their roofing needs. They may also have fallen under the influence of a few wayward Mediterranean builders who knew a thing or two about tile roofing.

Although it costs considerably more to buy and install than any other roofing material, tile pays for itself in durability and reduced energy costs. A good tile roof, installed over an extra sturdy roof deck, ought to outlive several generations of homeowners. And the combination of extra thick decking to support the tile's weight plus the tile's own thermal properties assures the house stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

In recent years, many homeowners have chosen darker colored composite tiles - often alloys of ceramics and conductive poly-carbonates - to draw and hold the sun's heat. In new construction, putting a black or dark blue composite roof on a house built with hollow walls, builders assure the air's natural circulation around the home, so that the indoor temperature remains constant with little demand for heating in the winter or cooling in the summer.

Other new composite technology has enabled integration of solar cells into roofing tiles. Although it remains extremely pricey, solar generating composite roofing is available at most home improvement retailers, and it turns your entire roof into a giant solar cell. The tiles interconnect, linking the wires inside to the transformer and batteries which convert and store the solar electricity. As composites and solar technology evolve, we expect these very ingenious tiles will replace asphalt shingles as the roofing-of-choice for almost all Canadian homeowners.


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