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Garden and Landscaping Everything from planting, growing, and spicing up your yard!

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Automatic Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance for Winter

Irrigation systems and automatic sprinkler systems must be taken care of properly to ensure it's longevity throughout the cold harsh Canadian winter season. Let's look deeper n the proper maintenance of your underground sprinkler system. Read on...

Bark Mulch - Preventing Weed Growth and Nourishing the Soil

Using mulch can help you reap great benefits in your garden. There are many types of mulches available, both artificial and natural, but perhaps the best type to work with is bark mulch. Read more...

Cedar Hedges - Providing Privacy and Beauty

One of the most popular plants in Canadian gardens are cedar hedges. Bringing privacy and beauty to any home owners landscape and garden. Read more...

Chilliwack Sweet Corn - How Sweet It Is!

From the agricultural Eden of Canada, Chilliwack, BC brings the Sweetest Corn to the Canadian BBQ. Read more...

Cleaning and Caring for Rose Plants Before Winter

Roses are wonderful and fragrant plants that need proper care to survive a winter to ensure a healthy beautiful spring. Let's find out how to take care of your Rose plants before winter. Read on...

Composting - Your Personal Ecosystem

When you mow the lawn and pull the weeds, what do you do with the yard waste? Nourish your plants and save your own little piece of the earth with a compost heap.

Dandelions - The Beautiful Weed of Canada

Popping up everywhere in Canada, what most annoys gardeners, this perennial was actually used originally for medicinal purposes. Let's take a deeper look at Canada's beautiful weed, the Dandelion. Read more...

Fertilizer - Know Your N-P-K's

Every bag of fertilizer in every nursery or home improvement retailer has three ginormous numbers prominently printed on all sides. Amongst the greenistos, the numbers are known as N-P-K's, signifying Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium.

Fruit Trees Found in British Columbia

British Columbia is known as the center of Canada's fruit production. However, its colder climate does make it harder to keep orchards. Nevertheless, there are still several varieties of fruit trees that thrive in the Canadian climate. Read more...

Greenhouse - Soak Up the Sunshine all Year 'Round

The long, dark, cold Canadian winters can take their toll. Rather than a move to the land down-under or a costly winter in Phoenix, may we respectfully suggest a greenhouse?

How to Plant a Flower Garden

Roses are red and Violets are blue, with this here article you can be a flower gardener too! Let's find out why gardening is not only a healthy lifestyle but a great way to explore your creative ideas.

How to Plant your own Garden

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and family is coming over for summer break. Planting a garden to produce fresh vegetables is a must. Lets find out how to plant your own garden.

Japanese Maple Tree - Fall Foliage of the Crimson Queen

Japanese Maple Trees are among the most popular garden plants in the world. The Japanese Red Maple is great for much of Canada as it grows well in zones 5 through 8. Read more...

Lawn Mowing for the Fall

In the autumn season it is very important to properly prepare and mow your lawn for the colder months ahead. Lets pull out our lawn mowers and cut some grass. Read on...

Okanagan Peach - Fresh off the Tree and Sweet to the Taste

From Peachland to Peach Fest, the Okanagan Valley of BC offers wide peach varieties including Redhaven, Early Redhaven, Cresthaven, Glowhaven, and O'Henry. Read more...

Pruning Fruit Trees - For a Healthy and Productive Garden

Pruning fruit trees can be a complicated process. There are many rules to follow to ensure a healthy, productive tree remains after pruning. Read more...

Storing Lawn Mowers for the Winter

Lawn mowers have engines just like cars. Some important precautions are essential in order to avoid hefty repair bills at the onset of spring. Read more...

Summer Gardening Tips

After all the love and nuturing you have put into planting your own garden, lets look at some of the most important factors and maintaining your garden throughout the summer, to ensure a prosperous growth of greenery.

The Melancholy Dilemma - To Sod or Not to Sod?

How does a melancholy Canadian decide between spreading rolled turf to create a wondrous green carpet of perfect lawn or broadcasting hundreds of seeds into willing earth, watering like heaven before Noah's flood, and hoping for tender green shoots?

Why Clean the Yard Before Winter?

To ensure you have a healthy yard and lawn for the spring season you must take proper care before the winter. Read on...

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