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Asphalt Shingles - Better than Birchbark

We won't swear to the fact, but we will hazard a well-educated guess that Mohawks and Algonquians influenced Canadian shingle construction "back in the day." In the same way the indigenous nations created sturdy waterproof canoes from birchbark, they used the supple, durable bark on the sides and roofs of their long-houses....

Cedar Shakes - Distinctively and Unmistakably Canadian

Not counting Mounties, maple leaves, and poems by Robert Service, nothing is more Canadian than cedar shake shingles. Grown and milled almost exclusively in British Columbia, cedar ranks high among Canada's agricultural exports.

Clean Out Your Gutters

With leaves falling and other debris in the Autumn and Spring seasons, gutter cleaning is an important part of home maintenance to ensure your roof water drains properly and your piping does not get clogged up! Let's put on some rubber gloves and clean out your gutters! Read on...

Tile - Pays for Itself in Durability and Energy Savings

Definitely a European transplant, tile roofing came to Canada from Europe where skilled stone craft evolved early and has stayed late.

Torch-On Flat Roofing

Although torch-down roofing is simple in concept and application, we very strongly recommend you consult a roofing professional before you make it your product-of-choice and begin applying it.

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