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363 Truck Loads of Concrete Poured in Pickering, Ontario

Written by; Markus MacIntyre / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Sun Sep 27 2009


A 22-hour marathon concrete pour at the Duffin Creek Pollution Control Plant in Pickering, Ontario in August went flawlessly, beginning at 6 a.m. on a Saturday and continuing until 4 the next morning.

During the procedure, 363 truck loads, or 3,259 cubic metres of concrete were poured. The 1.1 metre thick slabs are now part of an incinerator in the plants Phase 3 expansion.

The reason for the concentrated effort was simple: the weather. "It had been a wet spring, and we got behind," said Jeff van den Brink, project manager for North America Construction Ltd., the general contractor.

The concrete pour was scheduled over a weekend so that it wouldn't interfere with the daily plant operation or other ongoing construction. North America Construction was even able to create an internal "ring road" so that trucks could enter and leave the site freely.

The concrete had to be poured within two hours of leaving the plant. There were three "batching" facilities for the concrete, one on-site, one in Scarborough, and one in Whitby. A total of 64 different trucks were used to haul the 363 truckloads of concrete, which required 540 tonnes of rebar.

Another advantage of the continuous pour was that it eliminated construction joints, which are joints between new concrete and concrete that has already been poured.

The expansion of the plant has been going on since 2007 in an attempt to cope with anticipated growth through the year 2036. It is already one of the largest sewage treatment plants in Canada. When Phase 3 of the expansion is completed in 2011, the plant will have the capacity to process 630 million litres of sewage per day.

Phase 3 also includes the addition of energy saving features, specially designed landscaping, and use of recycled building materials. The substructure is now built, and tenders have been issued for the superstructure contracts.

One major part of the expansion is a biodiversity plan that is designed to help the adjacent Duffin Marsh Conservation Area. Berms will be built as buffer zones, and the sedimentation pond that is used during construction will be replaced with a specially designed wetland. Tree stumps and large stone piles will be added to the berms to provide a safe home for small ground animals. Trees and shrubs will be planted too.

A properly designed and maintained environment such as the one planned for the Duffin Creek plant is meant to provide habitats for year-round resident wildlife and also seasonal habitats for species that migrate.


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