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Home: Canadian Construction News: Alberta Construction Crew Find More Dinosaur Bones

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Alberta Construction Crew Find More Dinosaur Bones

Written by; Markus MacIntyre / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Fri Nov 08 2013


While digging a storm sewer in Leduc, Alberta, the excavation crew for the Degner Construction Group found dinosaur bones 6 meters below the sandy surface. Excavation immediately seized and The Royal Tyrrell Museum were called to report the discovery. Upon inspection Paleontologists from the museum confirmed that indeed the bones were fossilized remains.

The Degner construction crew spent over a day assisting the museum paleontologists' in carefully exposing and removing the bones from the sand and clay.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum curator of dinosaur paleoecology, Francois Therrien has been reconstructing the skeleton and thus far the dino's hip bones, tail, and part of its skull has been clearly identified.

Therrien stated that although Northern Alberta is a hot bed for dinosaur findings, the area of Leduc is still undiscovered territory and very little is known about the dinosaurs that lived in that specific area. Therrien added, this dinosaur was a teenager when it died and is about 8 meters in length. He believes it is a large duck billed dinosaur known as a hypacrosaurus which roamed the earth approximately sixty eight million years ago.

Studies will continue at the museum on the dinosaur bones and construction has now resumed on the pipeline in Leduc.


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