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Chrysler Expands Plant in Windsor, Ontario

Written by; Markus MacIntyre / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Wed Dec 31 2014


Chrysler Canada has begun expanding it's assembly plant in the city of Windsor in southwestern Ontario and it will be a part of the production of a new "future vehicle".

The company stated on their Facebook page that the expansion was "designed to get the plant ready" for the vehicle, adding, "Sorry, we can't yet tell you what it will be,"

Chrysler is sealing its lips on the construction project, facility upgrades and potential new automobile products.

The company will spend close to $2 billion (CAD) to retool its manufacturing facility, according to Unifor National president Jerry Dias.

The automaker started its retooling and expansion of its minivan facility on Boxing Day.

The company is utilizing a 545 ton crane which will install 200 pieces of structural steel to create a new conveyor enclosure on the plants roof top.

The enclosure will be fully equipped and will house the plants new skillet line.

Chrysler stated that the skillet moves vehicles along the assembly line, adjusting its height to ensure a proper level for workers, which improves vehicle quality with a better line of sight. .

Additionally the skillet provides optimal ergonomic positioning. This allows workers to operate and function properly in the "golden zone," a sixty degree window located in front of the employee, which is ideal to present parts.

The skillet line and conveyor enclosure are just a few of the many improvements which are planned for the Windsor plant. Additional projects will be completed during fourteen weeks of downtime starting in February.

Chrysler will be moving ahead with the upgrades without assistance from the Federal Canadian Government.

Chrysler had announced last May it will stop producing Dodge Grand Caravans.

Instead, the they plan to continue to build their luxury model minivan, the Chrysler Town and Country, at the Windsor Assembly Plant.

The Chrysler Windsor assembly plant was built in 1928, and presently occupies 4.4 million square feet of floor space, and employs 4,600 workers across three shifts whom produce the Chrysler Town & Country, Dodge Grand Caravan, Lancia Grand Voyager and the Ram Cargo Van.

Its signature minivans went into production in 1983.


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