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Fire in Tyndall Stone Lodge Whistler Village

Written by; Chad Simco / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Sun Nov 24 2013


Saturday morning, November 23rd, several Whistler residents strolling through Olympic Village spotted smoke slowly emanating from the rooftop of Tyndall Stone Lodge. Residents say it wasn't very long until the smoke transformed into a serious fire encompassing most of the entire roof of the building.

Whistler Fire Department reacted quickly and arrived on the scene immediately with all of their fire trucks and service vehicles surrounding the building and lined up on Main Street spraying the building rooftop, with additional crews blocking access to a large area in the village next to Whistler Olympic Plaza. Sea to Sky Security was also on the scene to help City of Whistler authorities with crowd control. The Whistler Fire Department successfully contained the fire and no injuries were reported.

Several retail shops on ground level beneath the condo suite residences of Tyndall Stone Lodge did face damages. Purebread, a small bread bakery on the main level faced the most damage from the fire. The Oracle, a gift and clothing shop suffered a lesser amount of damage along with Davids Tea, Taxback and the Bell Canada Store.

The fire was caused by a hot spot in the building that developed from a fire on an upper floor balcony of the same building only the night before, which the fire department had extinguished.

Sheila Kirkwood, Whistler Assistant Fire Chief, stated a fire watch had been put in place after the initial fire the previous night.

No one was hurt in the initial fire or the second fire. 8 people were evacuated from their suites. Emergency Social Services also had made arrangements to have those residents moved to the Delta Whistler Village Suites, and housed overnight.

The Tyndall Stone Lodge has been undergoing renovations with several construction crews working on the premises. Kirkwood added that investigation is currently underway as to the cause of the initial balcony fire.

Whistler Fire Department urges all Whistler residents to test their smoke detectors and change if out of date.


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