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Greenhouse Igloo Built in Naujaat Nunavut To Help Locals

Written by; Joy Smithers / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Mon Oct 12 2015


A small group of university students have just finished the construction of a greenhouse in Naujaat, Nunavut.

Ryerson University student Ben Canning along with fellow students built the igloo like structure in a course of a week. Although locals were skeptical of the project, their skepticism melted away once the young crew got to work.

The goal of the project is to grow cheaper foods for the local residents. The new structure has been affectionately dubbed as the "green igloo", by locals.

The "green igloo" is a modular sphere geodesic dome, built with triangular polycarbonate panels.

Although the structure is now complete, the team of 4 students will return to Naujaat in March of 2016 to finish up construction on the inside of the dome and instal the hydroponic system which is needed to grow the plants.

In April of 2016, the intend to begin the planting of food to include cucumbers, tomatoes and potatoes.

A women's group has also been organized to bring local women together in a cooking club, to meet on a regular basis, utilizing the greenhouse's bounty. Tusarvik School grade 9 and 10 students will also make use of a section of the greenhouse for their studies.

Business students Ben Canning and Stefany Nieto, who spear headed this project, wanted to tackle social issues affecting Canadians, and after some research decided to take on food scarcity in the Northern Territories of the country.

Food in general is very expensive in towns like Naujaat due to the fact they face difficulties growing crops in the region and the majority of the foods need to be imported by plane and boat.

Naujaat's mayor Solomon Malliki stated that, "The cost of food is a major problem.", adding that a mere 4 apples had cost him $13.00. Due to these high costs and the difficulties in growing locally, starvation has become a threat in the area.

The 4 university students who participated in the "green-igloo" greenhouse project are part of Enactus. Enactus is an international organization which connects university professors, students and business professionals with the main goal of using entrepreneurial action to help raise living standards across the country.

The greenhouse project, which is known as Growing North, is a not-for-profit operation and, if the mission has a positive outcome, they have hopes to expand to nearby communities within the next few years.

Although the building of the greenhouse went smoothly overall, it did have a minor snag initially as construction had to be delayed a month due to the ship, containing the students construction supplies, waiting for the thick sea ice to melt.

The crew also had to face a snowstorm which dumped 45 centimetres of white powder one day. However, with perseverance the project got done

Naujaat, Nunavut is located on the Northwest coastline of Hudson Bay, on the Arctic Circle. Until July 2 2015, Naujaat was known as Repulse Bay. Naujaat has a population of approximately 800.


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