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Inuvik Youth Centre Needs Your Help

Written by; Joy Smithers / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Fri Dec 19 2014


One of Canada's most Northern cities, with a population of over 3,000, located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle and 100 km from the Arctic Ocean, the town of Inuvik has a youth centre which opens its doors and arms to 30 - 40 local young people every weekday, but this year the centre is forcasting a rough year for fundraising and it's appealing for your help.

Government and private company grants, which are used to fund operating costs and the wages of the youth centre staff, are becoming few and far between

Recently gas and oil companies have told the youth centre that they can no longer assist with donations, and the cancellation of the Inuvik Petroleum Show means the youth centre can no longer use the event as an opportunity to fundraise.

Renee Theoret, the youth centre's executive director, is concerned about it's future.

"It is challenging every year," she says. "We'll be looking at other sources of funding."

Regular users of the youth centre are feeling worried and saddened by the possibility of losing a meaningful gathering place for the community and the youth.

The centre requires at least $200,000 (CAD) per year to maintain the building and the staff members.

Beyond the three months ahead, the centre is not sure where or how it will come up with the money needed to keep afloat.

Vice-chairman of the youth centre's board of directors, Jimmy Ruttan said that the youth centre plays such an important role in the local community, and its closing down would have quite an impact, adding, "You're disrupting children's ability to take part in safe and positive programms".

Staff member Jozef Semmler said he would like to see local community members and parents help out in fundraising activities.

Jozef Semmler, who works at the centre, says he would like to see more people, especially parents, help out in fundraising activities.

Presently there are no plans to close the centre, however the young people who use it are worried about their centre's future.

"I don't want it to close," said Derrien Firth, a local young person, adding, "If it closes I have nowhere to go."


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