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Home: Canadian Construction News: Manitoba Hydro Offering Incentive to Build More Efficient Homes

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Manitoba Hydro Offering Incentive to Build More Efficient Homes

Written by; Chad Simco / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Wed Oct 07 2015


Home builders will be rewarded by building new homes which are more energy-efficient as Manitoba Hydro is offering up $12,000.- (CAD) + in rebates to all home builders as an incentive to keep up with the environment friendly times.

Manitoba Mineral Resources Minister Dave Chomiak staed that, "We know that people are more aware of the cost of energy and the effect of things like climate change, with this incentive program, they'll be able to offer consumers homes that have an impact on the ecology."

Upwards of 100 energy efficient homes are expected to be built very soon.

The incentive is a double leveled program. Step one offers fourteen building and technology upgrades worth a $1,200.- (CAD) rebate. The second level offers a choice of innovative technologies, such as solar panels, that could be worth as much as a $10,600.- (CAD) rebate. Combined, the rebates are worth $12,550.- (CAD).

Manitoba Home Builders Association president Mike Moore added, "We look forward to working with our partners, Manitoba Hydro, to continue to make the most energy efficient homes in Canada."


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