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Home: Canadian Construction News: Medicine Hat Landfill Fire Still Blazing Air Testing Underway

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Medicine Hat Landfill Fire Still Blazing Air Testing Underway

Written by; Fraser Boone / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Wed Nov 20 2013


Westar landfill, a privately owned landfill, is located just 8km east of the city of Medicine Hat, Alberta, on Highway 41A in Cypress County.

The evening of Monday, November 25th the landfill caught fire and still now blazes on with fire fighters battling the flames.

Still undetermined of what caused the fire to start, 25 fire fighters and a half a dozen fire trucks from Cypress County, Medicine Hat, and Redcliff arrived on the scene and have been working on extinguishing the fire, and until now the flames burn on. The depths of the pit and heavy winds have been problematic for fire fighters attempts to douse the flames. Fire crews have used over two hundred thousand gallons of water, dry chemicals and foam on the fire, still with no success.

The landfill pit consists of over 20 years of construction materials ranging from wood products, asphalt shingles and fiberglass insulation products. A large dark black plume of smoke has been spewing from the pit which is potentially a potent mix of toxic substances. People are urged to stay clear of the immediate and surrounding areas.

Emergency services of Medicine Hat are now looking to get assistance from the provincial government of Alberta and any specialty fire experts they may be able to provide.

Alberta Environment representatives with Alberta Health have arrived on the site and are presently performing tests and taking measurements on air quality. The residents in the immediate neighborhoods will be updated with results and any health care precautions to be aware of.

Although the fire is burning out of control, emergency services of Medicine Hat state that the fire is contained to the pit area itself, and there are presently no threats of it spreading beyond the pit as the surrounding area to the pit is covered in snow.

A fire investigator and the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) have also arrived on the scene and are currently investigating the cause of the fire.


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