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New 3D Sea Vessel Simulator for Memorial University of Newfoundland's Marine Institute

Written by; Markus MacIntyre / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Sun Nov 02 2014


More often these days, energy and oil companies are making use of simulators to train ship crew members for real life navigation through the rough waters of Newfoundlands offshore oil rigs.

Presently these companies are incurring massive expenses in sending students to facilities abroad. Many of these needs will soon be met by the construction of the Hibernia Offshore Operations Simulator Facility at Memorial University of Newfoundland's Marine Institute in St. John's.

With a diverse resume including IT and general contracting Greg Moss has been assigned as project manager to oversee the construction of the facility. Moss will be aligned with a team of specialists including Tiller Engineering and Redwood Construction.

The building is a bit unorthodox and will include a 2 story 300 square metre frame structure, which will be finished with cinder block and brick and completed with a glass facade.

However, what will go on inside is what will made the facility shine.

The inner working of the facility will include a K-Sim Offshore vessel simulator supplied by Kongsberg marine, a marine specialist from Norway. Students will be trained in anchor dynamic positioning and handling, maintaining a relative position to floating oil platforms, in an offshore oil drilling environment. The rig will simulate the weather and water conditions off the Grand Banks and off the coast of Labrador, which is presently a common area for oil exploration drilling.

Moss stated that the 3D simulator is a very realistic bridge with exacting controls. The simulator will shiver when the anchor is pulled up, when you pass other ships and from the narual waves of the ocean. It will also include LED screens placed throughout the unit allowing for a 360-degree panorama view of the surrounding areas.

There will be areas where instructors can observe the students training activities and throw in a few "curve balls" to give the students additional unexpected challenges.

Moss along with his team and with Kongsberg have recently completed a critical review of the deigns to ensure the proper placement of the platforms.

The centre presently offers over a dozen maritime simulators but Moss stated that the LCD screens which will be used in the new simulator will be much more cost effective than operating other similar simulators that make use of using high intensity bulb projectors.

Although Moss admits that there have been some challenges in regards to the scheduling of sub contractors, the project is proceeding on time and on budget.

The 3D facility project was funded by the provincial government of Newfoundland offering up $750,000 (CAD), a $4.4 million commitment by the Hibernia Management and Development Corp, and over $1 million (CAD) coming from the Canadian federal government.

The facility is scheduled to be open and operation in March, 2015.


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