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Polar Bears Crash Plans for Halloween Party in Nunavut

Written by; Joy Smithers / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Wed Oct 29 2014


In the humble town of Arviat, Nunavut, with a population of 2,300, for the first time in years the children will not be "trick or treating" door to door, in fears of being spooked by real live polar bears in the area.

The shore ice along the western side of the Hudsons Bay has been diminishing over the past several years resulting in the yearly polar bear migration to encroach closer into the town. The great white bears much prefer to be far out and closer to the ice shores as possible as to be next to their meals of fish and seals. However, with the lessening of the ice shore the bears have no other means but to head straight through the town, in a lot of cases. The Hudsons Bay area has seen a warming of approximately 3 degrees celsius since the mid 1990's.

All of this has led the little town of Arviat to experience a rise of run ins with polar bears in the area. There have been no reports of personal injuries from polar bears in the area, however, last September 2013 a bear did attack a sled dog.

During the peak of polar bear season, October, there have been seven to eight polar bear sighting near the town per day. For added protection and to prevent any future attacks the World Wildlife Fund help support the town of Arviat's construction of electric fencing along it's perimeter, and this has helped in the self defense of bear kills by scared local towns people.

Still, there is a chance of further deadly encounters.

To avoid such possible tragedies the town has decided to celebrate Halloween indoors this year versus the kids going door to door. In the towns community centre kids will be able to enjoy activities such as face painting, a haunted house and lots of candy.

In the sparse regions of northern Canada the town of Arviat's closest neighbor is Churchill, Manitoba, which has been popularized with the slogan "The Polar Bear Capitol of the World". The mayor of Churchill, Michael Spence, offered a small bit of advice for the kids of Arviat making preparation for their indoor trick or treating, "Don't dress up as a seal".


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