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Scary Tunnel at Edmonton Construction Site Enlightened with Childrens Artwork

Written by; Joy Smithers / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Sun Dec 14 2014


A tunnel at a construction site located at Jasper Avenue in Edmonton, Alberta has been getting complaints for being "dark and scary". All that has changed recently as children's paintings have now brightened up the corridors.

Children involved with Boys and Girls Club - Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton teamed up with ProCura Real Estate Services to decorate the interior walls of the Mayfair Village North construction project at Jasper Avenue between 109th Street and 108th Street. In addition, ProCura is raising funds for the organization by selling advertising space on the outer area of the tunnel to businesses involved in the construction project. They will also match the money raised up to a value of $250,000 (CAD).

Lyndsay Bruno, ProCura's marketing coordinator stated, "We've had a lots of feedback earlier in the year that it was a scary tunnel, that it was too dark, and that people were afraid to walk through it. We wanted to make it a bit more welcoming and bright."

The creative solution to their problem was to transform the dreary tunnel into an "art walk" which now features Christmas lights and paintings.

This has prompted the City of Edmonton to look at ways to find more "pedestrian friendly" rules for construction developers which take over roads and sidewalks during their construction project.

Edmonton City Hall staff members met with John McNicoll, the executive director of the Edmonton Construction Association, last Thursday to discuss possible solutions, which included the creation of incentives for businesses to make hoarding areas more attractive.

McNicoll stated that the issues with commuters and pedestrians frustrated by closures were challenging, however the industry does need barriers to separate work space from public space and to complete projects safely.

Previously, scaffolding had surrounded the ProCura construction site, but it was blown to the ground when record high winds caused havoc throughout the province last year.

Bruno stated, "That really made us more cognizant the second time around, with respect to how safe the structure was."

The new covered walkway which was installed this past August protects pedestrians, however, it has only a few exits. ProCura received numerous complaints about this but most of the complaints came when before lighting had been installed.

The new artwork had been worked on during a 2 hour long workshop with 6 local boys and girls clubs last month, making use of wallpaper which was left over from ProCura's previous projects.

Pedro Rodriguez De los Santos, a local Edmonton artist works in maintenance and operation for ProCura, led the workshops and also installed the paintings, while adding some fresh designs of his own to tie the work together.

Santos said, "It is important to bring anything you can back tot he community, even a small project like this."

The kids who participated, from the age of 6 to 14, were asked to focus their art work on 3 themes: their favorite place in Edmonton, what they want to city of Edmonton to look like in the future, and their favorite activity to do with an adult whom they care about.

The result was a diverse collection of around ninety pictures which included a rendition of Edmonton City Hall, a spaceship entitled "Future Car" and a piece that reads "I Love reading with my Mom".

Lana Tordoff, spokeswoman for Boys and Girls Club Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton and area, said some of the city's most vulnerable kids painted the pictures.

Tordoff added, that being able to see their artwork displayed on Jasper Avenue was very exciting for the kids.

Bruno added that the project is a steady work in progress and more paintings will be added. The hoarding barricades will be in place for another twenty six months.

ProCura has now committed to similar projects and at its other construction sites both in Calgary and Edmonton.


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