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Home: Canadian Construction News: Toronto House Collapses with 3 Construction Workers Inside

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Toronto House Collapses with 3 Construction Workers Inside

Written by; Joy Smithers / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Sun Sep 14 2014


Last Tuesday, while a two storey house in the Greater Toronto area at Avenue Road and Lawrence was undergoing a renovation underpinning the foundation, the structure collapsed leaving one construction worker dead and three others trapped inside the rubble.

Toronto Fire Department stated that the roof of the house at 245 Brookdale Avenue, Toronto gave-way and collapsed into the basement at around 2 in the after noon.

Upon the departments search and rescue mission, three of the trapped workers have been recused, however the fourth worker was pronounced deceased at approximately 5 pm when emergency Medical Services staff managed to get through and measure his vital signs.

Another worker nearby in the neighborhood, Dale Thurman stated that he heard a very loud boom and had seen a cloud of smoke rise eighty feet. He added, "The whole house fell in, it collapsed, and I'm only here in hopes that these people are OK."

The first 2 of the trapped construction workers were freed from the debris almost immediately. At approximately 4 p.m., a third worker was pulled out after the rescue team lifted a beam that had fallen onto his leg. The worker was transported to hospital.

Water and gas services were closed off at the home, and pumps drained water out of the site to an effort to stabilize the ground.

A total of 7 fire trucks were called to the site and lined up outside the home, along with a large team of fire fighters and rescue workers, with a growing crowd of spectators whom gathered and stood behind the safety barricades to watch the events unfold for several hours.

The demolished house is directly across from John Wanless Jr. Public School. Teachers kept students away from the rescue teams efforts.

Neighbors in the area stated that the owners of the home rented another house while their renovation project was underway.

Remodeled homes in the neighborhood can sell for approximately $1.8 million CAD.


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