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$350 Million Fort McMurray Skyscraper Proposed

Written by; Chad Simco / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Sun Oct 12 2014


Fort McMurray, Alberta may see a major facelift and change to it's skyline via a new development proposal for a $350 million (CAD) skyscraper by Vancouver based construction firm Golden Buffalo Development.

The skyscraper called "the Golden Buffalo Centre", if approval goes through, would be built over a time span of 3 years, to start in the spring of 2015 and too include 2 towers offering more than a combined square footage of 600,000 Ft2 of offices, retail and hotel space.

The tallest of the two towers would reach 110 metres above the city's downtown core area, in comparison, dwarfing the cities tallest building at present; the 9 storey provincial building.

Chief executive and chairman for Golden Buffalo Development, Donald Wilson boasts, "(the Golden Buffalo Centre) will be an iconic landmark for the city that other developers will have to stand up and salute."

Submitted to the Fort McMurray municipal hall earlier this week, the application for the project includes a 24 storey, 200 room, 4 star hotel along side a 22 storey office building.

The dual skyscrapers would be built on top of a 5 storey platform that houses a pharmacy, medical facilities, 3 floors of retail space and a shopping plaza including a food court. If approved by Fort Mac city hall, the building complex will encompass a full city block and including underground parking for up to 512 vehicles.

Wilson adds, "We are going to build a facility that can make a real difference. We want to create a vital link in a community where nothing like it exists."

A major feature of the project is medical center that will include suites for day surgery, doctors offices, MRI and a rehabilitation facility.

Artwork by northern First Nation artists will be on display all throughout the towers, and the exterior facade will be tinted orange to reflect the colors of autumn.

Fort McMurray has seen its population grow by 80% in the past 10 years to 77,000 residents and over 40,000 workers in neighboring areas, due to the development of the oil sands.

The Golden Buffalo Centre project coincides with the layout in the City Center Area Re-development Plan which was passed in 2012. The skyscraper project is being looked upon favorably by city council. If all goes well the project is expected to receive its initial building permits in 6 to 8 months time.


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