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$80 Million State of the Art Liquor Warehouse Planned for Edmonton

Written by; Fraser Boone / TCCN Staff Writer
Added on: Sun Nov 24 2013


The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission is hoping to start construction on a state of the art liquor warehouse located in the greater Edmonton area by this spring 2014.

The facility would become Alberta's primary distribution center where all orders of imported beers, wines, and spirits would be warehoused and then shipped out to liquor retailers across the province.

Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) officials stated that the project has been in consideration for quite a while to facilitate Albertans growing demand for for alcohol, which has surpassed 3 and a half million hectolitres in 2012. The present distribution system which is operated in an aging facility in St. Albert along with 3 leased out buildings in Edmonton has become incapable of handling these volumes of orders.

Alain Maisonneuve, AGLC vice president of liquor services, stated that the new liquor distribution warehouse will merge together the storage, receiving, and shipping of the present facilities, will improve the over-all operations and ensure a reliable and efficient liquor supply system.

Alberta's present liquor system is out of date. It was constructed over 30 years ago and designed to handle 2,200 various liquor products for approximately 800 retailers as compared to today's volumes of 19,340 liquor labels distributed to nearly 2,000 different retail shops. Despite upgrades to the original St. Albert facility and the 3 leased Edmonton buildings, the system has been incapable of keeping pace with the growth.

The new consolidated warehouse system will have approximately 500,000 square feet or 46,000 square meters of storage space, with extra room for expansion if need be, eliminating the need for the extra leased buildings.

The AGLC is presently scouting out land in the Edmonton area for construction of the facility and is confident to have crews working on the project this spring 2014.

Construction is estimated to be completed in 3 years. The facility is estimated to cost $55 million (CAD), however the total costs for the project, inclusive of land, will come in around $80 million (CAD).

The AGLC has plans to keep the original St. Albert facility, which will be renovated and used to store less in demand products.

Ivonne Martinez, president of the Alberta Liquor Store Association, stated that the consolidation of the liquor distribution under one roof could result in a cost savings which may be passed onto consumers.


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